Vera L. Chang is a University of California Berkeley Environmental Science, Policy, and Management Doctoral Student; National Science Foundation Fellow; Berkeley Food Institute Researcher; and Solutions Journalism Reporting Fellow. Vera's research interests include human rights and social change in U.S. agriculture.

Previously, Vera was Public Relations and Marketing Director for Shelburne Farms, where she oversaw media and messaging for its internationally-recognized 1,400-acre diversified farm and forest, farmstead cheese, restaurant, and education programs. Before that, Vera was a Bon Appétit Management Company Fellow, where she worked with top management to support the company's initiatives for large-scale food systems change. While at a Fellow, Vera managed and co-authored the most comprehensive report on the state of farm labor, the Inventory of Farmworker Issues and Protections in the United States (Bon Appétit, United Farm Workers, and Oxfam America, 2011). 

Vera’s research and reporting have been highlighted in the New York Times, Mother Jones FoodLA Weekly, Grist, the Aspen Institute, Worldwatch Institute, and Center for Science in the Public Interest . Her writing has appeared in Civil EatsBitch magazine, and KQED's Bay Area Bites, and her photographs have been published in TIMECNBC, and National Public Radio.

Vera holds a Bachelor of the Arts with honors in Global Ethics from Carleton College and certificates in Ecological Horticulture from University of California Santa Cruz and Permaculture Design from University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

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Reporting Fellowship, Solutions Journalism, 2018
Finalist, Dorothea Lange Documentary Photography Fellowship, 2018
Graduate Research Fellowship Program, National Science Foundation, 2018-2021
Predoctoral Fellowship (honorable mention), Ford Foundation, 2018
Rachel Tanur Memorial Prize for Visual Sociology (third place), Social Science Research Council, 2018
Berkeley Food Institute Graduate Student Research Award, UC Berkeley, Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Summer 2018
Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, UC Berkeley, Summer 2017
Graduate Division Travel Grant, UC Berkeley, Spring 2017
ESPM 201C Starter Grant, UC Berkeley, 2016
Environmental Science, Policy, & Management Graduate Student Research Award, UC Berkeley, Fall 2016
Stewsie Sustainability Award, Carleton College, 2008
Student Leadership Award, Carleton College, 2008
Udall Scholarship (honorable mention), Udall Foundation, 2008
Environmental Studies Fellowship, Carleton College, 2008
Maitland-Will Prize, Carleton College, 2007
Parent’s Fund for Academic Excellence, Carleton College, 2007
Dean of Students Leadership Grant, Carleton College, 2007